What do YOU want to know about Tokyo?

Good evening everyone, wow Friday is almost all gone here in Japan, luckily its a three day weekend though! Monday is Sea Day which is a public holiday, hopefully I can find some fun way to spend the extra day with my friend. (I will post the FHF though, just later on your Friday haha).

I always worry about MLD being relevant and interesting, well sometimes I get lazy, but I often think about improvement. I really enjoyed writing the post about purikura in Harajuku, and I want to do more. I want to answer your questions about Tokyo!

What in Tokyo would you like a report on?

No real reason to use this pic, just like it XD

I want to do more "Where to find..." "How to do..." "All about..." type of guides, and I want to write them about places, events and things YOU find interesting or of question. Please leave your suggestions and ideas in a reply.

During this trip I have much free time, I'm really just sitting indoors surfing the internet too often TT Help me use my time wisely and go explore this city that I'm disenchanted with XD haha!

(I will do my best to fulfill all requests, some may be harder like photographing in a shop or something. Please no requests of questionable taste haha!!)

Furthmore, as a sort of aside, do you want more personal posts? Like posts that include my opinion of things? I generally try not to ever state my opinions but then I worry it makes it difficult to understand me haha.
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