While waiting in Harajuku part 2

I have to say I have very little motivation to write a post, maybe it's because it's nearly 2 years since I started this blog and am running out of topics. Or perhaps its because I'm paring off some of the types of posts I write, with no idea for filling that place. Is anyone interested in street photos of Harajuku? I'm not sure!

Thank you to everyone that has given me their suggestions on what they want to know more about in Japan. There are so many great topics, I'm going to start working on collecting info from next week. It will be great to have a reason to go out and about XD haha!

I feel a bit terrible to leave everyone with a pic spam after not posting anything of depth in awhile. I have a lot of thoughts in my mind and I'm worried if I start letting them out I will end up with a big essay haha. Even online I'm not the type of person who shoots my mouth off alot.

Ok, So I stop talking, here are photos!

The W*C maxi dress that came out last year, I was spotting their items all the time then haha

This pic has gotten around on tumblr already, but I still love it.

Gackt truck wagh! This girl was really excited that I seemed to be taking her photo though...Sorry!

This seems rather good timing to me, since I was just in Harajuku yesterday for a meeting. It was really sweet to see many people in lolita, punk, street fashion etc waiting for LaForet to open! I want to be passionate about something like that!

And I got chased down into the subway by a scout. I guess if he bothered to chase me so far I should have at least listened to him! haha! But I go back to the US in 5 weeks, so I can't start a model career here anyway^^
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