Gyaru sneaky snaps in Shinjuku

Ah I am updating again, I feel like really can keep posting! I spent the afternoon in Harajuku today, so I'm already worn out and not in the mind to write haha. I ended up getting out of the house too late so it was already crowded when I got there. I felt so claustrophobic so I didn't browse as much as I wish I could've.

Well I still got a month to browse around any parts of Tokyo haha! So hopefully I make use of my remaining time :/

Another place I have been seeing more of recently is Shinjuku. It's a nice city and it has a lot to do as I mentioned earlier. I still have difficulties with it in the night or weekends, but there's no way you can be bored in Shinjuku.

Lumine EST, great gyaru mall in Shinjuku

If you are running out of things to do there, why not stop and people watch? Shinjuku, like most places in Tokyo, is great for people watching, or what I like to do - scoping out the competition er, I mean gyarus' amazing coordinates. All types of styles to be seen here. And it makes me feel my outfits suck XD

Random shot of Shinjuku just to get you excited about Shinjuku XD still need to viti that Donki

The following are some snaps I grabbed sneakily, these girl's styles really stood out to me last year because they had a rock flare. I haven't been doing any sneaky shots this trip, but I am just overwhelmed by how great gyaru look now maybe XD

This girl was so cute! Her friend at the checkout was wearing sweet style and she is showing off a great backpack! I am seeing all sorts of leather type fashion backpacks recently. I need to invest in one!

Of course I'm going to snap this tutuHA fan girl, she was beautiful and great adult rock style. Not to mention we have the same border vest, eh eh! Perhaps the staff even gave her the tan shopping bag on purpose because it looks so good on her haha.

This is just some legs (which stood out for being so thin, even most Japanese women do not have such legs btw) but also her low heels stood out to me. They aren't the cutest shoes, but they look better in a coordinate than crocs haha, and I like her decoration on her bag.

Oops I ended up writing alot about not much haha! Well it's din din time for me, then time to organize the accessories I bought today, yah cheap junk for Sara Mari!
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