A short pants dilemma

I like the definition of dilemma, a problem offering at least two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable. Well in my case the two possibilities are both acceptable and doable, but neither seem that great to me so I think it's still a dilemma!

I bought these shorts yesterday in the Forever21 Harajuku branch. I went looking specifically for brown shorts (though I really also wanted these red damage shorts recently released). I went with no specific idea besides a medium brown color.

They had two brown shorts to choose from, and I picked these corduroy ones. The other were cargo shorts like these (not those specifically but like it).

Now I feel my choice was not the right one. I stressed about it in the store and I should've listened to my gut. But I thought "I already have khaki cargo shorts, I should get a different style." Cargo shorts flatter me, and these corduroy ones are so plain! TT

So here's the dilemma:
I can exchange these shorts for the others, but it costs another 7$ in train fare and the cargo shorts may be gone since there were only two left.
I can try to do altering on these shorts (distressing with sandpaper and add fake pockets) but I will need to get materials.

These corduroy shorts are quite comfy, and I felt they looked cuter when I took the photo. Oh I'm so stressed because I want to use my money as wisely as possible, but its become really difficult for me to buy things because I lost all my personal taste I think.

What do you think?
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