8-25-11 Coordinate

Hi there everyone, I'm finally back in the US and settled in. This time I did not schedule any posts or try to blog after arriving. It was nice to have less pressure when I was all worn out, I hope noone was too bored by the dead air haha!

Anyhow, I will start doing some proper coordinate posts now. During this time of year in MN I can wear whatever I want, and I have started creating my new wardrobe so I am very excited to make new coordinates. And a new way of doing coordinate posts!

From now one coordinates will get their own single, short posts and I will try to post them in a timely manner (instead of 2 months later, haha!) Its easier, keeps the outfits more on time/trend, and adds more content I think.

I will use my DSLR next time, the phone is convenient but the quality...

As you can see my style is quite different than the past. I feel happy about that. I liked this outfit ALOT, I obviously stood out from everyone else here but I didn't look crazy, like a prostitute or a tranny haha! Well I did lots of shopping this week, in Japan and the US, so I hope you are ready for a gets post later tonight haha!
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