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I almost blew off this blogging because I'm quite tired and actually I'm getting a bit sick. My throat is all itchy and I'm coughy, bit I hope it clears up by tomorrow haha. I'm sure noone would really care if I skipped a post about gets, but when i have more energy I will do some better writing!

Unfortunantly I discovered my love for Murua just when I had run out of yen haha, so I couldn't really do any shopping there thought I wanted to so much DX But I splurged a bit and used my US$ to buy a tshirt set.

Oversize graphic tank in offwhite

Assymetrical mustard colored tshirt (its less bright irl)

The exchange rate was a literal nightmare!! I ended up paying full price basically after the exchange DX I remember the first time I went to Japan the rate was 114 Y to 1$ and now its 75 Y...

It's actually decent, but my hips are still a bit too full yet XD

But since I was there I tried on one of Murua's signature long pencil border skirts. And surprisingly it was not totally horrible on me and actually fit on me. If I would have saved more properly maybe I coulda gotten it T^T But I could afford this cute shirt below from Yumetenbo.

Collar shirt from Yumetenbo

Anyhow, while I was in Japan I had order a lot of things on F21...but I changed my mind on some and had to go to exchange them for some cooler things the day after I got back of course. I think I ended up with some nice things for my new wardrobe.

A new skirt collection (since I'm off loading my tutu skirts) none were over 10.50!

Striped shirt everyone already saw (I love it) a black sheer shirt and a tank top that I wanted as a dupe for this Murua tank.

Round neck viridian cardi and bird print retro dress

Sheer fringe cardi and an orange duster

And the jewelry. Most everything from my wishlist, they are even nicer irl.

So that's for my consumerism. I swear, all these clothes are annoying me DX but I said to myself I am getting rid of half my clothes so its ok. Now I only need some mustard jeggings and if F21 would just hurry up and release these shoes...

Give me these shoes!!
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