Punched a few more holes in my head

Hey, good afternoon everyone! Well I've gotten sicker since my last post, my throat feels like its on fire and I'm so nauseous, I feel better when I eat bread, crackers, etc but I'm trying to maintain my weight so I really don't want to TT Well atleast I had some fun yesterday before I got sick.

Indeed! Yesterday I went and got more ear piercings like I said I wanted to XD I now have 5 earlobe piercings, 2 on left and 3 on the right. Oddly enough I have rather small ears so it was difficult to fit three on the one side haha, all the backs are touching XP but they look quite nice in the photo.

I am rather excited about it, I was planning to do it on my bday, but a couple months early is fine too haha. It didn't hurt but I still got all nervous and moved alot, but now I feel all cool!
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