Sweet gift from StudioTO

Good evening! I am making another small update tonight, how have you been receiving these small but frequent updates? Do you like big posts once a day or two, or prefer more posts with less to read? I think the style of many small updates is more like a Japanese blogger, and has its appeal too XD

But now I wanted to share with everyone the beautiful gift fan art I received from StudioTO yesterday, I was so honored to get another of their beautiful works!

They have updated their art style to include sweet round eyes on their signature mirror dolls, and it's even more cute if you ask me! They sent me this art featuring one of the coordinates I wore in Japan, which was popular with people. I feel especially excited because it shows the more updated side of me!

Please make sure to check out StudioTO and their super cute works, that often revolve around Japanese cosmetics, fashions, snacks, models and more! And if you would like to see StudioTO's previous art gift to me, please take a look at my Fan Art Gifts section^^
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