Murua '10 vs Murua '11 & shop staff PICKS

Hi again, although its the morning I don't feel quite right about it because I couldn't sleep again last night. Now my head is all fuzzy and my eyes are bleary, my brain's condition matches my body's now haha! I think its just a bad cold :/

Anyhow, I want to make a post while I still have a bit of proper cognitive faculty. And last night I was looking at my Happie Nuts issue from October 2010, comparing it to my Nuts Oct 2011 issue. I can see a big difference in trends and styling for sure, gyaru is changing alot I believe.

Overall the style in last year's issue was heavily black, military, rock with some nordic tossed in for luck XD Comparatively this year is more retro, lady, colorful and mainstream styling.

And particularly I want to show the difference in Murua, since I love it currently and it is a good example of the differences overall...

Charisma staff recommend outers snaps 2010

Charisma staff recommend outers snaps 2011

Sorry the 2011 pic got cut off a bit, I didn't want to bother fixing it XP Anyhow, you can see the difference right? ^^ Black is prominent in both, but the 2010 is quite rock with military coats and a scarf print OP. While in 2011 the variety of outers is wider, showing the suit jacket and maxi length trends, plus look at all that color!

I have my thoughts on the way gyaru fashion is growing/heading, but I don't feel comfortable expressing that. But its still fun to compare this year and last year and see what's happening, do you ever do that?

And here are my Murua Shop Staff Coordi PICKS of this week! I will be showing my picks of the staff chan's coordis weekly from now on, as long as I love it haha.

I am in love with the colorblock cross top!

I think these ones are especially wearable

I don't feel up to it now, but I will be trying to do some more big/useful posts soon, like makeup tutorials, and starting the One7Ways again. Just right now I can't even think of dressing up, though I really want to! I will try to return to the days when MLD was more interesting^^
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