Losing 6kg in Japan this summer

Oh, I'm going for it, my cold is not improving and my eyes are so sandpapery, but I am biting the bullet and blogging haha. And this topic - losing weight this month, I was not sure if I should write about it or not because I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable (as weight is always a sensitive topic).

Those who follow my FB or twitter may have read earlier this month my exultations at breaking the 60kg barrier (which had been the point I couldn't pass). Indeed this past month I was able to lose 6.4kg (14 lb). I was 65kg when I traveled to Japan, which is the high end of my weight range, and I am currently 58.6kg. Most of the weight was lost this month.

The reason I have hesitated to talk about it is 1. I know I will rebound sooner or later (luckily I've maintained 58.6kg here in MN so far) and 2. I was not as smart about this weightloss compared to my past work.

I was asked a couple times specifically to write about how I was able to achieve this big weightloss within my healthy weight range. So I thought I could, hopefully it will be useful in a couple ways.


My calorie journal

I don't think I did anything special in regards to the food restriction part of the diet. I basically avoided carbs as much as I could, ate a mostly vegetarian diet and tried to keep my calories around 1000kcal per day.

I bought a small notebook from the Daiso (which is such nice quality for 100yen haha) to write down my weight-ins and calories. I would record my morning and night weights, as well as all the calories I ate for each meal. Sometimes it doesn't stop you from over-eating but generally just realizing how many calories you do consume helps you cut back.

What I eat for breakfast, whole grain oatmeal and greek yogurt

The thing that had the most effect on my weight was exercise of course, though I did not do anything comprehensive or muscle building. My exercise plan earlier this month was simple to walk 2 times a day for 2 hours total.

I took one of my walks at high noon, when it was most ungodly hot and I wore shapewear to maximize the sweating. And some of you may know, I did give myself heat exhaustion because of this. I was sweating uncontrollably, light-headed, nauseous, fatigued/weak. The symptoms lasted about a week and it really was horrible.

So what I want to say basically is it's possible to lose extra weight, but it requires lots of effort and strict work. I certainly do not enjoy constantly worrying over what I consume. But it's important not to push yourself too hard! I think so often young women become obsessed with a certain body shape they will put their health at risk to achieve it.

I was so myopically focused on losing more weight, that I disregarded my physical condition, and it's so easy to slip into that mindset. I want to warn everyone to always take care and listen to your body when exercising/dieting!

EDIT: Just in case it was unclear, the point of this post was to stress the importance of healthy weightloss.
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