What I've been wearing in Tokyo

Good evening everyone, I was waiting until after I had dinner to blog so I have enough mind power. But I will feel like my brain is not working enough to write anything that's particular useful or interesting. I had wanted to make my blog more informational but sadly it's not happened yet haha.

Well I'll be back to the USA in 2 weeks, then I will edit my photos and try to write some fun things. Until then we'll just have to be assumed with frivolous and boring things haha!!

I'm going to share some of the outfits I have worn here so far. Just some because the others were nothing worth showing, and none of the pictures were particularly set up to show off the outfits so I won't call it a coordinate post.

Pulling at my pockets is obviously not a nice look for my stomach but oh well! It's a comfortable outfit and I don't get many chances to wear these pink shorts so I try to use them when I can.

I wore this to the national art museum in Ueno park. I am rather happy with how this one turned out and luckily I don't look entirely sweaty in the photo XD

Speaking of sweaty, my goodness I just look miserable here. I even feel boiling when I look at this pic. Everyone loves wearing maxi dresses here in the summer, but personally its too hot for me TT

Yay, this is my favorite. I feel like its interesting to look at and cool without using too many items. Too bad my face is like hmmm :/ haha! But it's a bit hard to take my own photo without my tripod.

Some kind of girly outfit huh? I felt like using this tanktop, but its hard for me since it's not really my style. I need to research some cute ways to use it. I was wearing a lot of eyeliner that day!

Sorry this one got cut off, you can't even see what was going on with my hair-do. But all the rest were blurry, so this was the final cut! That sweater is too hot now that the heat is back to normal. I will have wait until the US to wear it again.

Well that's about it for now, I have a couple more outfits, but depending on how many I end up having in the next 2 weeks I will have to figure out the best way to show them. Now time to wallow until bedtime!!
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