Life update and Popteen Sept. PICKS

Hi again. Sorry I have not updated much recently, as I mentioned on the FHF I currently have heat exhaustion. I caused it myself by exercising too much in the intense heat of Japan, which my "from cold Minnesota" body is not used to doing. I'm basically very fatigued, nauseous, delirious and overheated all the time now so blogging just seems like a chore.

I have mixed feelings now about going back to Minnesota next week. On one hand I am really desperately looking forward to being out of the heat finally (we don't really use AC here) and recovering from my heat exhaustion. But on the otherhand I will really miss my friend, and feel sad about all the times we won't be together.

But anyhow, I am going soon and I will be able to lay in my cool house and feel like a human again. I can't even think of dressing or making up right now TT but I still like to look for inspiration for when I can dressup.

I browsed through Popteen last week at the bookstore to waste time in their AC, and I was pleasently surprised to find some mature/good looking outfits in there. So here are the looks I picked.

My style is changing. I want to become trendy and relevant. Well I think that's all the coherent thought I'm going to get out now. Hope to post again soon.
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