When I go back to the US

I think I have passed the worst part of my heat exhaustion, I am still very fatigued and sensitive, but I can sleep in my futon through the night and no doubling over in gutpain/nausea anymore. Apparently it will cool off a bit just in time for my departure TT but I will try to enjoy my last days despite the heat.

Anyhow, after 10 weeks in Tokyo I started feeling ready to go back to the US (or is it just because of the heat...) I have my own furniture/household goods here in Tokyo, a livingspace, so it feels very home-like but the place I was raised will always feel like my real home.

I'm getting excited about the things I can't do here in Tokyo, so I have made a post just for that haha! If only 109 and my friend were in MN I would never leave haha!!

My mom sent me these pics last month

After seeing my family and friends, I look forward to seeing my cats again. Pets really do enrich your life, and you don't think about it until you don't have any around. There's always life in the house! Anyway, these are my cats; Rugby who is an almost 2 yo female and Micky who is an old man haha!

And since I am almost exactly out of yen, I am looking forward to shopping in the US...

Forever21 always has some cute and trendy things, they are one of the few brands I buy from in the US. I'm not sure about everything in this collage, but the bottoms are priority. I'm gonna skip the black top and cardis for sure, but they are cute to look at anyway XD

H&M is nice too, this mustard colored dress is attractive. And Betsey! I would like these mismatched studs as I plan to get uneven piercings soon, 3 on the left and 2 on the right. (Like Ryo and my mom!)

And the Missoni x Target collabo! Target often has nice collabs with higher brands, but my Target doesn't get them TT I will have to be more active in getting these goods. I really want the floppy hat and silk cardigan! The rest are nice, but I wouldn't lose sleep over them haha.

Perhaps it seems like I don't need to be thinking of new things already, but I seriously want to re-do my wardrobe when I get back!! I already know 1/3 of what I currently have will go, and maybe more.

Besides re-doing my wardrobe I need some more spare time activities, so I plan to make some accessories! You can see I'm biting on Murua here a bit, but dang their accessories are so cute. The sequin collar seems fun/time consuming plus my mom has so much experience in costuming with sequins so I have the perfect mentor! The shoe ribbons will be an easy way to update my shoes too^^

Anyway my mood and feeling has improved, thank you everyone who has sent me well wishes! I will do my best to reply now that I am a bit better^^
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