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Hi again, wow, I was doing bits of this and that all day so somehow it passed so quickly and I didn't have much motivation or energy to blog again. This week has been a lot of time filler, you know? When time passes really quickly and you can't seem to get anything done but you can't really say what took so much of your time? That's how I feel haha!

I have been trying to make some nice coordinates recently, I did some today haha, it's hard changing styles I think or trying to improve. Always trying to reach a different or new level. I'm not sure if I'm achieving my ideals but when I look at these coordis I feel it's the right direction^^

9-12-11 coordinate

I thought this tiger shirt would look great with a wine colored skirt when I bought it, or should I say I bought it to match my wine colored skirts haha! Sadly I washed my makeup out with the flash, and the belt was too big but in the end I think it's rather cute. Here's some head shots below...

After that high autumn color outfit, I have a very monotone outfit to offer haha! I am always really attracted to black so I think I like the following coordi more. And the hat! I got a felt cowboy hat with a wired brim so I can shape it in many nice ways!

9-13-11 coordinate

This hat, I could wear it so many days haha! The outfit itself was made of all Japanese brand clothes, I feel it's noticeable. Just the details, cut, style is better than many items I can find easily around me haha.
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