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Sorry all the most recent posts are all fashion-y related and nothing of travel or daily life. I will try to do some interesting travel writeups later this week, no promises though haha! Then next week I have a idea for themed posts that should be fun. We'll see how that goes, gotta get some projects out of the way first though!

Soon it's my birthday and in less than a month it will be the 2nd anniversary of Moments like Diamonds so I think now is an appropriate time to show my style evolution. I have been asked about it before, so I'm sorry to everyone who had to wait TT

Anyhow, it was a bit hard to create this because I feel the last year I have been experimenting so much I never have a real style, just different outfits everyday haha! And I have hardly any photos of myself before 2009, especially not of my plus size self.

but here's my...


2007 ----> 2011
These photos were picked because they were outfits I found really cute at the time I wore them.

The first photo is not really my daily style, back then I did always wear anime shirts like that but just with jeans (I was dressing up for some reason haha). Then I started wearing normal casual clothes, followed by a kinda bright colored street fashion. Early 2010 I started trying gyaru fashion.

I tried lots of styles within gyaru like agejo, amekaji and settled on a haady rock kinda look in late 2010. I did that until around March of this year and then had a bit of a fashion block. Now I am trying otona styles like blogger and mode.

And as for makeup I think I've improved alot! haha

I never seriously wore makeup before 2010. You can see my chubby blemished teenage face on the left. In the middle is from spring 2010 trying out makeup and not knowing how to hold my face hehe^^ Then there's autumn 2010 with some tare-me but no lashes or lenses. Lastly my recent full makeup.

When I look at these photos, honestly I don't feel I have changed or improved at all haha! Perhaps its because I have lived through those days, or I am still looking forward to changing more. Anyway, here's a little spam of my past self for fun XD

Yes I used to cosplay! Funny I don't do it now that I would look decent in a costume haha!

This is from 01/10, I like this photo actually this outfit was cute but those girls were so sweet^^

I bought MA*RS clothes at one point haha, 05/10

If you feel a bit downtrodden about your current look, please just look at this pic. Oh that crappy makeup and bad amekaji outfit XD Atleast the hat is awesome. From 9/10

Some random white marine dress I had bought, 07/10

Alot of these photos don't cast me in the best light ie. I look bad!! But I fully admit it XD I didn't really care about style before and I am still trying to find my fashionable side as I didn't have my teen years to experiment like normal.
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