Fashion being a distraction (gets)

Oh man, today was a low productivity day again. That's such a professional way to put it huh? Well I have never been one to get alot done, but I don't really have the time in my life left to be such a wastrel DX I know I will start working again soon, but there's so much more I should/can be doing.

Today I found out I missed a step of my graduation ceremony process: it made me really guilty and realize how many things I let pass me by. Aren't so many other people getting on with their lives and figuring out what they want to do/be?

I spend so much time just looking at fashion now... browsing online shops, staff blogs, magazines, TV shows. It's just that I am an observer, and not a participant that is the problem. I'm not really sure how I can make my interest in fashion productive for me atm, but that is an important step for me.

Well beyond observing fashion, I've been buying it up a bit recently. My current goal is to get away from Forever21 and get into better quality items. Although its a dangerous move for someone in my income bracket XD Anyhow, here's what I've bought recently:

The Express top is actually not so bright red irl
And I am excited for the metallics, glitter, shine thats coming up for winter

These aren't particularly high cost, but all have great details!
I love the gold necklace, its big simple and bold^^

This maxi skirt and blue shirt are so comfortable to wear, like seriously!
And this is the best leopard cardi I've found outside of Japan so far

Mocassin pumps, and leopard pumps

Since yesterday I've really started liking Egoist especially, I mean I always liked it but now it's rank as increased haha. I really like simple, versatile but bold pieces currently.

Speaking of good brands, I was extremely lucky enough to win Shop n' Chomps recent giveaway!! Oh my god, it was so exciting because I had a good feeling and then I actually had good luck *o* The wonderful prize was a Missoni for Target train case!!

Prizes from Shop n Chomp

The train case can hold so much

But I was not expecting all the other items, isn't she so generous. Really, I almost cried when I opened the bag and there was all these lovely and cute things inside. (there was also candy but I forgot to snap them) Please check out Shop n Chomp and support her, because she is so sweet and writes really interesting posts!

Also I want to mention - the Peter Thomas Roth Botanical Buffering Beads sample she included was amazing! It made my face feel so cleansed and fresh. I'm going to buy a full size one for sure.
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