Gainfully employed and 5 days to DisneyWorld

Hello my babies, haha! I know I'm doing so badly recently with blogging, I am so uninspired about it. What can I write that's interesting, what can I add to the blogosphere that has even a tiny purpose haha! Atleast I have some reason my attention is diverted, rather than my usual laziness, I finally got another job!

I am employed at a mid-level fashion brand, it's one of the top ten brands in America apparently. I guess that comes from it's image, price-point and accessibility. The pay is an exponential cut from my last job, but I am excited to bring the concept of charisma staff to MN haha!

It's a really sales driven job so I have to become very extroverted quickly XD

Also I want to announce I am going back to DisneyWorld in 5 days. I have mentioned it in passing here a couple times, but never really announced it. This will be the 6th time I've gone to a Disney amusement park in 12 months XD We will be attending the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween and we are going in costume of course.

My goal before then is to finish editing my DisneyWorld pics from last December haha! But here are a couple I did recently edit, it should be good for getting in the Disney spirit!

These photos came from the opening show at the Magic Kingdom last year, I'm sorry I forgot the name of it TT
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