Giveaway Reminder!!

Hey it's just me popping in quickly to remind everyone that my MiniMini Giveaway is closing in just two days! I hope everyone who did not see it, or enter it before would take a moment to enter now! The rules are very simple - just leave your name and an email for contact and that's it!

Thanks so much to everyone who has entered so far! I really appreciate the support and I will be excited to hold my next giveaway soon.

I plan to finally get the next One 7 Ways voting edition up tonight, I've just been so tired out lately. After I get my chores and schoolwork done during the day, by the end of the evening I am just pooped. I even went up to my bed at 8:00pm last night. Of course I didn't sleep til 10:30 but that's still early.

And as a side note! I have taken the premoderation off of the comments. Seriously it serves no purpose as I have luckily only gotten a handful of hate comments so far. I hope this encourages people to feel more comfortable about commenting^^
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