Special delivery and impromptu coordi

Good evening! I will have the next O7W voting post up tomorrow, the normal programming schedule has been interrupted by a special delivery! Really this delivery was so special and made me feel so appreciative that I wanted to blog about it right away.

My friend in Japan, who I stay with over there sent me a gift for my birthday and it arrived this morning (I already received a super adorable card from him before my bday). Imagine my feeling when I saw "Runway Channel" on the outside of the box, actually I started to cry! I don't deserve such a kind gift. Thank you so much!

ViVi November 2011 with freebies

It's the online Tshirt set...

Inside was a copy of November's ViVi which comes with a freebie Murua collar! Isn't that the best freebie ever? I mean something you can actually wear and not a tote bag. The other part of the gift was the online exclusive Murua tshirt and cardigan set, in exactly the colorway I wanted!

I had this set on my wishlist, but sadly scratched it off after it after the white tshirt combos sold out. Its just so wonderful he got me this, it's too expensive, but now I feel I really don't need anymore clothing for awhile!

Wearing the set

The ViVi x Murua collar

They look great together too!

Of course I wanted to photograph this shirt worn, so I figured I may as well make an outfit to got with it. However I was not wearing any makeup at all, so I don't want to present that image here. I like how I look with makeup as it expresses me. But these set items should work in many great coordinates so you'll see it again soon XD

Just a few minutes after I finished taking these photos my dad came over to visit me for my birthday. He gave me the Lion King on Bluray for a gift and brought over ingredients to bake cookies. I made some molasses cookies from scratch, and amazingly they turned out perfect, chewy but not doughy or burnt.

One skull cutout amongst the normal cookies XD

My dad took like 80% of them with him, but I still have this many left and noone to give them to. I'm dieting, all the people I know are dieting or wouldn't like the taste of molasses TT Well anyhow it was a good day for me.
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