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Hello again. Thanks to everyone who continues to support me, I'm always so glad when I receive your comments and pageviews. Today was a busy day, as I cut down a spruce tree in my yard. My work tried to call me in for an extra shift as well, but luckily I could decline. The tree took so much time and it was really sad to kill a living thing, but now I have a little free time.

And I'm like "What do I do..." when you have a lot of schoolwork, yardwork and work work then you have some spare time in the midst of it, it gives you a rather stranded feeling haha!

So then I figured I would blog, and catch up on some coordinates that have been languishing since the end of September.

9-21-11 Coordinate
Cardigan: Forever21
Top: Forever21
Pants: CRYX
Shoes: Steve Madden

11-5-11 Coordinate
Hat: Tralala
Cardigan: H&M
Dress: Forever21
Tights: Target

11-6-11 Coordinate
Hat: Target
Sweater: INC
Skirt: Express
Boots: Steve Madden

As you may notice there was a big jump, from September skipping over October entirely. Apparently I didn't make any coordinates last month, and I have not made any in the past few weeks. I really like all these coordinates so it just makes me want to make some more as soon as I can. (and listed it as a goal on my 12 by 2012 project)

But everything is getting cold, limiting my options, and I just don't have the time to. I have a few hours to make coordinates tomorrow, but thinking about it just makes me want to sleep...haha TT
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