Hyaluronan & Collagen beauty supplement

Good day, and welcome to the start of a new week! This season is alot more hectic than last year, I guess I can understand how some people feel the holiday season is stressful now. (Well kinda, I still love it haha). There's yardwork, school work, work work but I want to put more effort into blogging. I'd better beef up on my multitasking skills huh? haha!

Today I want to review a product which is different from lash, lens or cosmetic reviews but it's still a beauty product. I think it will be an interesting thing to introduce.

This is hyaluronan (more widely know as hyaluronic acid) and collagen powdered supplement produced by the Orihiro company. For some time now collegen has been a popular in Japan as a beauty supplement that can make brighter more youthful skin. Recently hyaluronic acid has also been gaining popularity for that reason

In Japan you can find many powdered supplements and medications, though in the US pill and capsule form is still the standard (I suppose because it's more simple/less user error). This powder comes with a 10 cc measuring spoon that measures out a 7 gram dose. There is a 28 day supply totally.

Everyday you measure out one spoon and add it to your drink of choice. On the back of the can, there are several recommendations such as coffee, hot chocolate, milk and soy milk. Consuming a spoon of the supplement gives you 5200mg of collagen and 20mg of hyaluronan.

Complete nutritional information, contains some animal derived components

Recommended uses: in coffee, hot chocolate, milk and soymilk.

Collagen is And Hyaluronan is an important component of cells that helps promote healing, reduces inflammation and cell turn over. In 2003 the FDA approved the use of hyaluronan in injectables (for the face), it has positive effect on skin hydration and drives collagen synathesis. Which is why its good to have collagen and hyaluronan in the same supplement.

This is a beauty supplement, not a health supplement, but as with anything you put into your body you should take caution. Make sure to understand the product before using, and discontinue if you experience any negative side effects.

The supplement on oatmeal (gotta still stir it in)

However personally, I have had a good experience with Orihiro's Hyaluronan and Collagen supplement! Though I can't say it's magical, when I use the product continunally, after several days I do notice my skin appears brighter and less dry. I think this product is nice to use if you feel your skin is a dull.

And I'd also like to point out another way to another way to consume this supplement - in oatmeal! The collagen has a little vanilla flavor, so it makes the oatmeal taste a bit better haha.
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