Catching up with the Gets train

I feel as if I'm accomplishing something amazing by posting in a row again haha! I'm getting a bit nervous about my time management and thesis, so the next couple of weeks I am not promising any great posts XD I work alot next week and 9 hours on Black Friday.

Argh, I'm so not looking forward to it. It will be the first time I work on Black Friday in a shop. Actually I think I have usually gotten out of it, even during my part time high school jobs haha. I would much much much rather go shopping than be selling!

I guess I will just have to be satisfied with the gets I've gotten in the past few weeks, and wait to do my Christmas shopping in December.


I don't buy cosmetics so often because I like to stick with things I know work, and a lot of multiples of things (like 8 shades of blushes) just goes to waste.

Lorac Glosses: I got this set for 20.00$ because I had a coupon, how can you beat that. I'm not sure how the quality is yet, but I like Lorac foundation so let's see.
OPI Bling Dynasty: It's not orange like this photo at all, it's a great gold but its discontinued now haha.
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind: This is the best dark circle conclearer I have ever tried, seriously. It's like I've never had dark circles when I use this haha.

I really like the little trend of turtlenecks, and I picked out a nice plum colored one, but it's not the easiest thing to use. I don't usually care about anything Target clothing, but this dress just has a really flattering cut good for workwear. The Ralph Lauren top I wanted alot because it was a basic black long T but with that cute D-ring detail.

I was able to get this Missoni x Target shirt. The print might be too bold for some but to me it's just right to wear with neutral work separates. I think I can wear this print into spring too^^ This Express skirt is on clearence now, but why hasn't it sold out sooner? Its short but not scandalous and its so easy to coordinate.

And just to let you in on the fashion scene here in Minnesota, I was even able to get the Missoni shirt on clearence. The floppy hat was on clearance too, glad to finally get one! No the Missoni collection did not sell out in 30 minutes over here. Alot did sell out that day to be fair tho.

These are my H&M gets, which I got this past weekend. I was able to take advantage of the bogo free knitwear with the black pullover and white knit onepiece. And I love them!! The gold onepiece and metallic knit top really feed into my gold love atm, I'll be sad when spring rolls around and the blingy trend dies out TT

Oh! And I had to get these new pleather shorts because the details are so nice. A step up from my last pair.

Didn't I just say I love the gold, metallic and sequin trend. 2 gold cuffs, large gold cross and metallic tights are my accessory purchases^^

So enough of my crazy consumerist rantings! I'll do my best to keep blogging, the next couple of weeks will be hectic, but next month... Man I hope the holidays bring some calm and peace!
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