Silver Autumn photoshoot

Good evening all! Yesterday was another work day, but one of the managers told the other managers on duty that I was doing well (I eavesdropped apparently haha!). I basically just jumped at every single woman that entered the store and blathered the promotions at her. That's doing a good job I guess :/ Well and one lady bought the items I specifically recommended to her, that was a nice feeling.

Tonight I want to share the photoshoot pictures I took two weeks ago already. Though I have picture muuuuuuuch older than that which I've not edited yet haha... Anyhow this is my first "editorial" photoshoot.

I really wanted to practice several things in regards to photography. The styling, the concept, the direction and the retouching were all done by me (though you'll see in a minute that's not bragging) My bff did take the photos, but I was his guide haha.

After trying out doing a photoshoot, I have a real respect for models. It's so hard to be mindful of your entire body and outfit, and controlling all the muscles. But it was fun finding good shooting spots and the right kind of light. I want to keep practicing and getting better at photography.

Well I hope you enjoyed the photos! I'll be doing a review and some more writeups this weekend hopefully, so please look forward to it. In the meantime please feel free to JOIN MY SWEET LADY SETUP GIVEAWAY!
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