My lipwear picks: compare and contrast!

Good afternoon, as it's 15:00 here on Sunday. A lot has happened since I last blogged, or atleast it seemed like it did though when I write it out I'm sure it won't sound like much at all haha. Friday was an amazingly lazy day but yesterday:

I got up and started cleaning out the gutters again, and hanging up christmas lights while my mom did one more dead leaf sweep of the yard. Totally I raked the yard 3 times and she did once, this year was so bad! Luckily we got the yard work done just in time as it began to snow on us DX

We spent the rest of yesterday doing a bit of Christmas and Thanksgiving shopping, wrapping up with the last Harry Potter movie. And today I wrote the first half of my thesis. I guess its a fair amount ha!

L to R:
Super Quick Lip Concealer EX in Nude Beige
Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia
Wet n Wild Mega Last in 901B Think Pink
Covergirl LipPerfection in 285 Temptation
Maybelline Color Sensational in 645 Red Revival
and 415 Plum-tastic

But anyhow, when I was thinking what I should blog about now, the thought struck me to introduce the lipsticks, glosses, balms etc that I like to wear. Sometimes I get asked what lipstick I am wearing, so hopefully this will be useful!

Without flash, in natural lighting
The order is the same as above

With flash

I have several more lipsticks than these, but these are what I use most often and pick above others. I guess you may say these are my recommended lipsticks, but as someone not well versed in cosmetics, I will just say picks!

Super Quick Lip Concealer: This often gets a positive reaction. You can use it to cover your own lip color before applying lipstick, but the color is really lovely and can stand on its own. Its got a bit of shimmer and it lasts very well. The product page says its a concealer + Gloss + Moisturizer with UV ray Protection(SPF15)

Burt's Bees tinted lip balm: This is actually a lip balm that is meant to moisturize but with a sheer color. I wear this to work as it lasts a long time and doesn't get on my teeth haha. The color appears very sheer but somber on the lips.

Wet n Wild 901B: It's a very matte and opaque bubblegum pink. It can last a long time, but it's very dry (and not so smooth) so you may want to use a gloss or balm with it. At 2.99 it's very affordable and gets many good reviews.

Covergirl 285 Temptation: Covergirl's LipPerfection lipsticks have built in moisturizers that claim to help "create soft, smooth, beautiful lips in just 7 days". This color goes on smoothly and makes my lips very orange tinted, so a little goes a long way on me haha!

Maybelline Red Revival: Colorsensational lipsticks are a combination of lipstick with lipstain so the color is deep and longlasting. Even after you remove the lipstick your lips remain a bit tinted. This is a very real red.

Maybelline Plum-tastic: Plum is great for winter, and I love how this color can keep my lips tinted so long. It does come off as a bit ruddy and I'd love to try a more purple and dark color in their plum shades.

Here's the swatches after being washed for 30 seconds with cleanser. As you can see the Super Quick Lip Concealer EX remains the best, with Maybelline Colorsensationals leaving their lipstain behind. The Wet n Wild is completely gone, and even the Burt's Bees Lip Balm remains better haha!

Well I really like all these, but at the current moment I am using the Burt's Bees Lip Balm and Maybelline Plum-tastic the most often. I hope if you were looking for a new lipwear or considering any of these the review helped out^^
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