Christmas illuminations in my neighborhood

Hello hello! Yes I was cut from work again, really I need to make some decisions about this job. I could have certainly been productive today, but all I have to show for it is a sloppy manicure haha...TT Well at least I am being a decent blogger and posting something today!

This week leading up to Christmas I would like to do posts everyday that revolve around Christmas or have a festive theme. I think it will be fun, and hopefully get my Christmas spirit going as I currently have none!!

All these photos in this post were taken in my own town, but from 2 years ago. For some reason I never used them before :/ This year we have no snow, so luckily I didn't taken photos this year.

This is the illumination on a house very close to mine, just a couple streets away. I really like the large hanging lights in the trees

Here you can see some of the inflatable displays better. These inflatable type decorations have become popular over the past few years^^

This display doesn't have a nice design like the last one, but the large pine trees with all those lights look great!

Some displays have a religious theme, like this one, but the star is so high and impressive!

Here is a good example of a mid-level illumination. It's very cute and homey.

This display is a bit different because it features a lot of painted wood figures mixed with lights.

The owners had a big floodlight on the display so the wood figures would be visible. The penguins are adorable XD

The home invader Santa figure is the highlight of this display haha!

Their big lighted tree and inflatable snowman were cute too.

A lights only display which is so pretty!

But don't get the wrong impression, I would say like 85% of people do not illuminate the outside of their houses or only put out one string of lights. My neighborhood has an illumination contest so some people really go all out trying to win XD

I hope these photos brightened your day and made you feel more festive. I would like to take more illumination photos now! Sadly this month passed so quickly and I haven't done any Christmas activities.
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