Christmas time in DisneyWorld

Good day everyone! I'm sitting here with knots in my stomach because I can't bear to go back to my job one more day. Anyhow, there's still alot to do before Christmas, I can't believe it's going to be here in just a few days. It really seems like it was just the first day of December and I was submitting my thesis rough draft :/

But as I promised I'm here with another Christmas themed post, so far I'm keeping on track with the Christmas countdown posting. I hope everyone will enjoy it and not miss the other types of posts I usually do.

We saw homey illuminations in the last post, to change it up today is going to be all about DisneyWorld and how festive it is this time of year!! These photos are from last year, but now I finally have the chance to share XD

Here is the Christmas tree at Disney Hollywood Studios, each park has it's own main tree like these which are all huge and impressive XD Hollywood Studios doesn't decorate so much, but they have the Osborne Family Christmas Lights which I will blog about later this week^^/

Wreaths and garlands spruce up Disney's Animal Kingdom, they feature ethnic type of ornaments. It's fun to see Christmas decorations on this type of architecture!

The parade at Animal Kingdom gets a makeover as well, called Mickey's Jingle Jungle parade, all the floats have decorations

This is the Animal Kingdom's Christmas tree, looking lovely all light up!

And now we'll take a look at the decorations at the Magic Kingdom, which are of course the best and most plentiful! These toy soldiers stand around the Christmas Tree

These garlands are hung all the way down Main Street, and the lamp posts feature Mickey shaped wreaths

And this is the Magic Kingdom's Tree, it's the cutest I think with giant gingerbread men and popcorn garland!

The Magic Kingdom gets a holiday themed night time parade, featuring floats shaped like gifts and party hats. There's a better parade during the special Christmas party which costs extra and goes later than usual park hours!

Here's what those garlands over Main Street look like lit up, very beautiful!

And as the final touch Cinderella's castle gets covered with "ice" after the parade!

I hope you liked these photos, if you want to see some of the Christmas decorations and festivities at Epcot Center check out this post! I hope you liked these photos, of course one could write posts and posts about Christmas at DisneyWorld, but hopefully this was a good overview haha!
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