Xmas hauling, before during and after

Hey there friends, wow it's really over. Christmas has come and gone once again, its really quite a let down if I may say so. Christmas is my favorite holiday, it just gets harder and harder to enjoy it. Perhaps the constant stimulation from the internet makes it too hard to enjoy something simple and heartwarming like Christmas?

Well today I'm just going to write a boring braggy post because getting new things is always an easy thing to blog about, and that's basically what Christmas is all about now. I mean I know its not about materialism, but that's what its becoming.

Starting from Black Friday the merchants just make us feel we have to keep scrambling to buy more and more, to get the best bargain possible. So I will start with a couple things I got before Christmas:

I finally got a Clarisonic, everyone's getting one and it seems that everyone has good opinions of them. I've only used it a couple times because I have sensitive skin and I don't want to mess it up, so I haven't noticed any change.

Also picked up some new nail polishes - the black crackle top coat, some random colors and a free clear top coat. I got on the crackle train a bit late, but I'm still gonna use it!

Luckily I was pretty good curbing my spending and putting it toward gift buying the past month. I wish I could have bought more gifts for people though, I always get so much from my loved ones that I would like to reciprocate. Well that's all over now, so here is the Christmas haul:

These were my Christmas gifts to myself haha. I did spend some on myself :/ But everything together cost the same as the pants alone normally do after sales and coupons. From top left - Ivory lace tank, White miniskirt, Non-leather moto jacket and Skyscraper jeans. If you want jeans that slim and lengthen your legs I recommend Express's Skyscraper jeans.

Gifts from friends and family, from top left - 3 ponies, Jessica Simpson Beckery platforms, Zara black tote, Lighted makeup mirror, Sailor Moon manga, Burt's Bees hand salve, Jessica Simpson fragrance samples, Bath & Bodyworks fragrance oils, Philosophy Hope in a Jar, OPI Rainbow Connection and Excuse Moi nailpolishes, Eye makeup remove, TIGI dry shampoo, Lip Service bra cami.

Moving on, today was another huge shopping day apparently because the malls were nuts!! We tried to get to the Mall of America but the highways leading to it were all backed up and there were police directing traffic. So we went to some other malls and shopped more. I guess gifts are not enough to satisfy modern people, and they need to shop more after (I know it wasn't just returns either).

So here's was today's haul. These were really great deals, nothing cost more than 13$ haha! From left - H&M fringe cardigan, Bath & Bodyworks Apple Crumble candle, Matthew Williamson top, Free People bustier top, Bath $ Bodyworks Dark Kiss bodywash and lotion, Betsey Johnson wallet.

Well certainly that's more than enough for a month and a holiday right? Haha! I still have to exchange gifts with one more friend and then it's all over. I hope noone minds the bragging gets post. Its the last of Christmas posts for this year, so things will be back on track now.

We had a bonus shot of Micky last time, so now it's Rugby's turn. She looks very sweet but don't let it fool you!
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