Spring Trends PT. 2: Egoist, Lip Service and Duras!

Hi everyone! I really didn't plan on blogging right now, or even doing another addition in the Spring Trends mini-series but I came across a great post on Kyou Son's blog she posted yesterday XD

She attended the spring exhibits for Egoist, Lip Service and Duras (three of my favorite brands currently, especially Egoist and Lip Service). During these exhibits members of the media, models etc can go and view the brands line up for the upcoming season. Here are the lovely pics she posted, so much inspo!


The plaid top and sage sheer top are surprising, but the bikini top and far coral colored dress are pieces I'm seeing alot.

Alot of variety in these mannequins, I like the far right 2 and the middle one with the leopard leggings shows a nice way to bring a winter item into spring

A maxi tank dress, but the accessories really catch my eye - love those neons and pastels tooooo much!


A nice monotone display

Many lovely pale (and pastel) colored coordinates, following Lip Service's theme for this spring - "Nudy Passion"

Pale accessories and a floral patterned romper

Some more pale colored coordinates


Duras appears to be using more of the earth color trend (which is upcoming in the west) for their collection

Pale lace onepiece, Duras always uses lots of pale colors so I expect there's alot more to this collection XD

Do you like any of these brands, or any items that stands out to you? I really want to get my hands on several of the Egoist pieces and accessories and most of the Lip Service pieces XD
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