Spring Trends PT. 1: Colors!

Good evening again! How is everyone doing? Luckily it was still sunny today and gave me energy to get through my workouts, but its getting colder. Not as cold as usual, and no snow to speak of (it's rather disturbing) but atleast it looks nice lately. I'm not sure where the day went, so here I find myself laying in bed as I blog haha!

I had some requests to write more about fashion trends. Though I don't find myself well versed enough in fashion to be writing desicive things like that, there are some obvious color trends emerging for spring.

Spring always brings light colors so these should not be too surprising, but the pastel colors are very refreshing in a way^^ I have seen these pastels referred to as "Frosted neons" or "Sherbets" so maybe that's the cooling sense I feel haha! Other color trends to take note of are Primary Colors, though I have not see them developing in gal fashion, and neon colored accessories are cropping up in stores around me.

Here are a few more photos that relate to the Spring colors. The next part of the series will be focused on trendy patterns, followed by cuts and motifs. I can't write the be-all of spring trends but hopefully they will help a bit.

Lip Service shop staff show several trendy colors

Lip Service's spring exhibition(?) lots of pale and pastel clothing

A spring look from Momoko Ogihara, monotone with a pastel skirt!

Nicole Abe at a spring exhibit with pastel colors abound, does anyone know which brand it was for?
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