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Good day friends! I'm sorry I didn't blog all weekend :/ I did have some family business again but I also just didn't feel like posting anything. I don't have the same drive to blog anymore, and I'd rather post nothing than something really boring at this point. Today is such a beautiful day here in MN, the bright clear sun is cheering.

So I got something together and would like to share another review with you^^ I have been promising to review the other Puff 3 tone lenses, and now we can check out the Aqua color! The lenses were provided to me by Shoppingholics.com

Dueba Shiny gray/Puffy 3 tone gray Circle Lens

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

These lenses were sent to me by Shoppingholics.com for review purposes, all following opinions are my own honest assessments. These lenses are quite different than all the lenses I've tried previously, as they are very natural, so I was very excited to try them!

After trying the grey lenses I was very happy to try the other colors, because I was so pleased with the grey lenses. I already knew these lenses are fairly comfortable, I could wear the grey lenses for 8+ hours and that the enlarging is natural but noticeable!

One lens with flash

Two lenses without flash

Two lenses with flash

Honestly I can't say if these lenses were the same level of comfort as the grey lenses, though I'm sure they are, because my mom was cooking chili and the onion and pepper fumes got under the lenses and really irritated my eyes. I had to take them off after an hour.

But the enlarging was very nice! I really like how these lenses make your iris appear larger, but not with some unnatural or very bold design. These are more like an extension of a natural eye color. People noticed something different about my eyes, but they couldn't tell it was a lens right away ^^/

No flash

With flash

The only thing I took note of was the color, it's a very bright blue on top of my light eyes! I think it would be the right level of pigmentation over darker eyes, but on light eyes it might be too brightly colored for some. If you want true blue eyes, with a natural design, then these are the lenses for you!

One great point though is the "3 tone" from the name of the lens! The inner color of the lens is a greenish brown color that helps it blend in with your own color much better!

Quick Review:
Enlargement: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★★
Color: ★★★★

I quite like these lenses, I would use them for looks that I want to be a bit more bold with, but could still wear them in the day time without feeling like I'm attracting a lot of attention hehe^^

I want to state once more how completely satisfied and how much I enjoy transactions with Shoppingholics.com! Their service is top-notch, above and beyond, they try really hard to consider the tastes of their customers and it shows. Take a look around Shoppingholics.com for these lenses, hundreds more and all the greatest beauty products!

Please check out Shoppingholics.com!
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