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Hello again! I skipped yesterday but atleast I am writing again today, slowly improving my frequency bit by bit you know haha! Today I get to review a great beauty item, wearing something beautiful makes me feel like my old self again and I'm thinking about how I can revamp my style!

Rather than lenses or lashes, I am bringing you an item much loved by many women and an important element of gyaru style - nails! These press on nails were generously provided by Shoppingholics.com, my favorite source for the beauty products I need/love for gyaru style makeup!

Sweet White Lace French False Nail

These are a very elegant set of press on nails, with a delicate deco design of pearls, gold studs and rhinestones on select nails. A lovely lace pattern is printed over the entire face of the clear base nails. There are 24 nails in the set of varying sizes so you can pick the nails which best fit your own.

Just like Kix cereal XD

The package of these nails states they are sticker nails, but I was not sure what that meant until I opened them up. These nails actually have nail sticker tape on the underside of them, rather than coming with glue. I was so happy when I discovered that!!

I have often recommended nail sticker tape as an alternative to glue as its much less harsh and more easily removed. As these White Lace nails already have the sticker tape applied, they are amazingly easy to apply! You can put them on in a cinch before school, work, a party etc.

All nail that come in the set, 24, two of each size

What I also really like about these nails is the design, its subtle enough to wear to the office, but adds enough shine and bling to make them stand out from a regular manicure. Plus they are just girly and pretty XD

The nails applied

I am very pleased with these nails, they suit my need perfectly as I don't need or want to wear false nails everyday. But with these White Lace nails I can pretty myself up quickly! If you like these nails they are available here on Shoppingholics.com along with several other designs. They also carry nail sticker tape, make sure to get some!

Also for those who love Shoppingholics' lenses, check out their Monthly Photo Contest! You can submit your photo wearing circle lenses to be entered for a chance to win a free set of lenses (plus extras XD). Here are the easy to follow rules.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading a review again! I have some more to do ASAP, as soon as I am brave enough to show my face that is haha!
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