Finally some fashion gets + Easter pics

Good day everyone. I hope those who celebrate Easter had a nice holiday, and to everyone I hope you had a great weekend. I was quite happy to see so many stores closed on Easter, having worked many service/retail jobs I always empathize with those poor employees having to work on a holiday.

I haven't been busy per se as of late, but I haven't had much chance to get online and blog as I ought to haha. Yesterday was a holiday, but I spent most of the day doing errands for my Grandpa's widow. Easter is one of those holidays that's more fun for kids. Being that I am not into organized religion, I am into the "commercial" parts of Easter such as candy, the Easter bunny, baskets, and egg hunts. And all those things are for children haha! But I like Easter as a way to celebrate spring, putting out bright decorations to bring some of the budding foliage into the home.

My family exchanges small gifts on Easter, and I still receive an Easter Basket from my mom. I know a lot of people consider getting/giving gifts on Easter childish, but I personally am glad I am part of a family that embraces whimsy and the spirit of giving. I got some candy and a Monster High doll (I like it, deal!) and I gave my mom a lily and an egg display.

For Easter, we basically just cleaned, fixed and bought things for my step-grandma and had a restaurant brunch. I don't want to be a martyr but it's not a fun holiday haha. So I decided to take some shots of our Easter decorations for fun and cheeriness! I know its late now, but it's still cute!

Close up of the flowers I got mom 
  I painted these figures with my Grandma when I was a kid

  An Easter tree
And now for the first part of the title - fashion gets! It's been months since I got any clothing, cosmetics or accessories. It seems so strange that I used to be interested in fashion, and then I stopped entirely for several months DX Well a couple days ago I checked out Momoko Origahara's blog for old time's sake, and once again I felt very much to Murua's look!! I will post some inspiration pics of that soon. Well anyhow I picked up some things from Target

Monotone tank top, teal cord necklace and gold cuff 
High heel sandals and Gorillaz collab Converse sneakers
I am still very into monotone, I love cool and mode looks haha. So I am looking for bold accessories like that necklace and high heels to make simple clothing pieces stand out. The Gorillaz sneakers, I love them though I am not a sneaker person, but I'm still not sure if I will keep them haha.

 Let's end this post on a funny note huh? Here's a special strawberry I found last week ^^

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