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Good day again! Here I am with some inspiration pictures just as I said! Some commenters are very kindly saying they miss my coordinates, hopefully some of my favorite brand coordinates will be fun in the interim. I set a very specific goal date for me to begin dressing up again, but I've done that several times now to no avail...so we'll see =/

Also it seems a date has been set for my next trip to Japan, everyone was suggesting Sept-Oct as the better travel months, and my friend said it was a better time for him so September it will be! Exciting as well, I am in the hiring process for another real office job finally!! I will be glad to be back in an office, and it'll be good for my resume and funding aforementioned trip haha.

Jobs are the best way to have spending money, so faced with the possibility of some proper income these following photos are slowly growing from "inspiration" pictures to "wishlist" pictures haha! I would love to wear all the following outfits in Japan, but I will just have to wait and see what's coming for fall XD But I do plan to try making some outfits like these here:


Though I am a huge nerd for Murua, Emoda is showing several great outfits for spring too. I have alot more photos in my Inspiration Folder, but I didn't want to overload this post too much. All these outfits are so COOL to me, I hope they are exciting for you too haha.

Well I'm feeling a bit ill and I have some assessments I need to be on point for tomorrow so I'm gonna rest. Maybe browse some webstores ^_~
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