Tokyo DisneySea part 2 - Hotel MiraCosta & Fantasmic

Good morning everyone! Wow I'm blogging and not procrastinating XD  Sigh. I was looking over my old coordinates last night and I really miss that part of this blog, I'm not sure about everyone else. I used to make outfits at my current weight, but I keep saying to myself "I will make some outfits when I fit into my size 4 clothes again" That's just asking for trouble!

Well even though I may never get the chance to show coordinates with that mentality, in the mean time I should be blogging about Japan anyway! I hope everyone was looking forward to this continuation of my DisneySea post -

 A view of Ariel's Castle

 And beautiful details, I should have looked for the hidden Mickey

 Some high school guys playing with their Duffy plushes

When it's hot out, this is like the best snack ever haha

Back to where I left off, we had just walked through the Arabian Coast area and then we walked through Mermaid Lagoon. It's my favorite area I think, well I love the Little Mermaid and they did such a great job of capturing the feeling of Ariel's world.

After that, we had some time before the night show would begin, and we had already seen everything in DisneySea several times so I got the idea of trying something new! We went into the Hotel MiraCosta! The nice thing about Disney parks is you can walk through the hotels (I'm sure to get you to want to stay in it later haha). There's no way I could afford to stay at a luxury level resort like Hotel MiraCosta so it was fun just to check it out^^

 The ceiling of the main forey in Hotel MiraCosta

 Large windows so you can enjoy the view of the park

 The rooms have views of the park like this

Looking down at the lobby

Honestly I recommend staying on site if you have a Disney vacation planned, its so convinient and Disney puts a lot of effort into making their hotels fun and easy to access. In Tokyo I have no reason to stay on site since the apartment I share is so close to it, but I'm so looking forward to a hotel stay at Disney World in October, argh, waiting!

Anywho, after walking through Hotel MiraCosta (and dreaming of being rich enough to afford it XD) it was getting to be time to wait for Fantasmic to start!

 Mickey is the star, in his Sorcerer's Apprentice outfit, atop this lighted float

 The theme of Fantasmic is "The power of imagination"

 The float changes imagines and effects as it goes through the story (this is the Aladdin part)

 Large boats enter the lake with large inflated balloons and lighted dancers aboard

The villains make their appearence!

Fantasmic is a night-time spectacular taking place entirely on water and featuring some serious special effects, it is NOT to be missed! You get to see all your favorite characters, along with lights, fountains, fireworks, fire, huge props etc. My photos don't do it justice so check out this video!

 A giant Maleficent in dragon form appears and breaths fire

 Mickey battles her with the power of imagination!

 Mickey wins of course and all the characters come out singing and dancing

 Pretty fireworks effect

I spy Sleeping Beauty!

You can also see Fantasmic stateside at the Rivers of America in Disney Land and at Hollywood Studios in Disney World. They are all different, and you can read the synopsis here. Wow just writing about Disney is exciting for me, I'm really looking forward to the day I can be there again T^T
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