Don't dream it, be it! Making changes: like a haircut!

Good day everyone! This week has been quite full, and even when I wanted to blog I had no time or opportunity DX I have plenty of things to blog about at the moment but very little spare time, how funny. The reason my days are filled up will be explained later, but the basic point of this quick post is to talk about how I am changing lately.

After I gained over 20lb I lost so much confidence and sense of self, though I wanted to dress up and do my coordinates like I used to, I just couldn't. So I've been trying to change that! Through weightloss of course but also to improve of fashion sense, and appearance generally.

An easy way to change your image is with a haircut...
so I got one!

And yeah, that ain't no subtle change I'd say! I didn't measure exactly how many inches/cm was taken off, but you can see it went from past my waist to my shoulder line XD Many western gals (as well as mainstream tastes) desire super long hair, and I was swept up in that too. But to be completely honest short hair with distinct layers is best for my long face.

I'm still not doing my makeup, that will be the next step if I keep up my motivation. Too bad I couldn't take better face shots because of that though, I hope you can still get the gist of the hairstyle. I am excited to curl and wave this haircut, backcomb it and make it fab. I also think it will be nice to have a short cut that stands out from all the long cuts!

Another way I am changing it up and making what I want for my appearance come true is, like I said before, losing weight. It has not been easy, it was so hard getting to 126lb before, so now it's literally like torture or murder. But I have gone from 149 down to 132 lb (today's weight) since the beginning of May.

I should be more excited about losing 17 lb, but there's always that goal line ahead that doesn't let me enjoy what I have done so far. Just gotta keep going, just gotta keep going!!

Here is the quick and dirty recap of how I lost the 17lb:
1. Low carb - I'm only eating fish, poultry, egg whites, carrots, leafy greens and nuts
2. Chia seeds and Flax seed - I add it to my tea and food, it keeps me so full. Chia seeds are especially great, soak them 15 minutes in liquid and they make a nice gel and they expand up to 19x their size in your stomach to fill you up.
3. And the one noone wants to hear - I exercise 3 hours a day. Yeah there is no easy way out for weightloss.

And last but not least, I have gotten a lot of awesome new (old thrifted) clothes which I am excited to show soon. In a gets post at the very least but hopefully some coordinates. I am just 5 lb over my ideal weight but I still feel so uncomfortable : [ Better get me some Spanx!! Haha!
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