Como Zoo Conservatory has beautiful flowers!

Good evening again! I'm glad to finally have another chance to blog this week, just gotta sneak the posts in when there's a spare minute haha. I have some really sucky obligation I have to deal with tomorrow through the weekend so I'm sure there won't be another post until Sunday, but after that I may become a good blogger again haha.

Last week was a rather full week, and it made me feel like it really is summer now. Of course summer has long since been exciting for me, even when I was a university student summer break wasn't anything to me. Summer break is like a big deal when your K-12 but then it just kinda slumps into the rest of your adult rut haha.

But this summer me and my friend are trying to have more fun and experiences, so last Monday we went to the Como Zoo and Conservatory. Since it's alot to talk about I will just cover the conservatory part XD

The front of the conservatory

The bonzai exhibit

 I liked this bonzai particularly

I have been to the Como Zoo Conservatory many many times by now, but I always enjoy it when I go. I do actually like nature, plants and flowers it's just that I really hate insects haha. So plants inside a big glass dome is perfect for me XD I also really enjoy seeing how big/changed the plants are between my visits.

 The Sunken Garden exhibit had it's Summer Display going on

Photographing flowers is satisfying and frustrating at the same time! Flowers are really beautiful so you want to try and capture it, but it's not possible. Even if you can get the colors and white balance looking good, you can never capture the scent or feeling flowers give off. I have an especially hard time with roses. Does anyone else enjoy photographing flowers?

 This plant looked like a big gift wrapping bow to me!

 Another room contains maybe edible plants, like this orange tree

Not in the conservatory, but the gift shop had these cute penguins!

I think these photos are basically self explanatory, but I like to share them as I find them really pretty. Also I want to share the fun things you can do around Minnesota. Tokyo is really exciting and exotic (especially to those who've never been there) however I want to show the good sides of my home town too XD

Actually the Como Zoo Conservatory has a great Japanese Garden, but it's closed for expansion until 2013 currently DX Later in the summer they also hold an O-Bon matsuri which I plan to go to again this year, so I will have a report on that! (Minnesota and Japan are connected in some ways haha!)
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