Tokyo River Cruise in pictures

Good evening friends! My long weekend of work is finally over and I can blog again, finally I am in the mood to blog when I have the time haha. This weekend I went to my grandfather's widow's house to help her out. Then when we got back we dug up some of the gardens and planted new flowers, and put up a new chandelier in the dining room! Whew!

Well right now RuPaul's Drag U is on so I gotta type as quick as I can between commercials haha. Maybe I will come off as distracted, but I can't miss those beautiful drag queens!

Today I want to share another Tokyo River Cruise I went on during my last trip to Japan (Japan Trip 8). Though I have gone on Tokyo River Cruises like SO many times, and written about it several times but I think everyone will enjoy seeing more photos of Japan. A main part of this blog is Japan, so I gotta post about it more!

 First we'll take a look of some pics around Asakusa where the Tokyo River Cruise station is located!

 Asakusa is busy, and has an older city feel

 It also has a great view of the Sky Tree (which is complete now, gotta add it to me to-do list!)

There's alot to do in Asakusa, eat some fried chicken then warble into a mircrophone XD

The Tokyo River Cruise is a beautiful, fun and tourist friendly way to reach some of Tokyo's sites you want to see when vacationing! Rather than siting in a stuffy train car, and worrying about making the right connections, you can just board a boat, sit back and watch the scenery go by.

There are several places the Tokyo River Cruise terminates, but I always choose the best one - Odaiba! Odaiba has a ton of shopping and amusement, such as Venus Fort, Decks and Aquacity, and most fun of all Oedo Onsen Monogatari! Don't worry, I have some more great and informational Odaiba posts coming up soon.

I mean, I just went there on this cruise didn't I? XD

 The station building has been rebuilt, and tickets are purchased through a vending machine!

The bow of the first boat we took on the cruise

You can order this specially blended beer for just 600Y on board XD

To reach Odaiba on the cruise, you have to make a stop 3/4 of the way through near Hamarikyu Garden. When you stop to change boats there is a small cafe to grab some sweets and drinks if you are peckish, or a dodgy toilet. When I say dodgy, I mean the kind of restroom you walk in and immediately turn around saying "nuh uh" haha!

As you can see from the photos it was an overcast day, which is always sad for photos but atleast it keeps the sun off my skin XD After we boarded the second ship it began to rain so we had to run from the dock to the shopping malls when we finally landed haha!

 A Denny's dwarfed by a high rise apartment complex

 Really like how this one turned out!

 Tokyo Tower with Hamarikyu Garden in the foreground

 Some of the food and drinks you can get at the Tokyo Cruise Cafe

 Glimpsing Odaiba through the rain drops

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing some photos of Japan again FINALLY XDD I have this whole week planned out with blog posts, so it will be really exciting to get back to blogging regularly. And I hope people will like to see some fashion posts and reviews again, because those are coming right up!
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