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Good evening! Well I didn't get the time to post yesterday... I was chased by one the neighbors dog again yesterday, and I started running because it jumped on me, then it turned into a big spectacle with people coming out of their houses etc etc. The embarrassment stressed me out a bit so I decided just to watch TV and do a couple chores.

So I figured I would combined what I planned to post yesterday with today's post. It's gonna get a bit long with all the photos, but more is more when it comes to photos right? Haha! Also, these topics might not be too interesting so combined they have a little more oomph.

Happie Nuts 07/12

Jelly 07/12

 Scawaii 06/12

 Vivi 07/12

Looking over the outfits I picked, I wonder what my taste is right now. It's a bit all over the place, I like mode, I like girly things, I like monotone but I also like pastels and prints. Well I guess what one likes doesn't need a name as long as one is werkin' it XD

Lauren by Ralph Lauren shimmer turtleneck - high necks will be a A/W trend

Vertical stripe skirt which I requested my mom to make!

 The Limited micro mesh tshirt

 Close up of the material

 Floral print crop tank with a low back

 Forenza by the Limited sheer lace top

 Lace detail

 Amazing jewel print cami!

 H&M Cherry print dress

 H&M necklace

And adorable fruit earrings, will be great for my asymmetrical piercings XD

I have several more things I got and wanted to share but I didn't want this post to go on forever, you may be surprised how little all this cost as most of it is from the thrift store XD My wardrobe is getting quite full, there's very few things that I feel would be useful in my wardrobe. But there's some items from Japanese brands I may pick up when I go to Tokyo^^


I was so lucky and was the recipient of Cindy Tang's mini giveaway! (She's hosting another giveaway right now, so check it!) It really was a surprise to me, but I appreciated it SO much as things haven't been going the way I want in several ways. And really it was just so nice and I'm so grateful! Thanks again Cindy!

I plan to review the lower lashes, but would anyone be interested in reviews of the upper lashes and the lip gloss? Or have you read enough reviews on them?

And here's what I will be reviewing later this week which were sponsored by Shoppingholics, including: Luxury Babe in gray, Fynale J01 Honoo Blue Circle Lens, and Eyemazing No.703 , It's really embarrasing how long I have put this off, but I hope everyone will look forward to it. Honestly Shoppingholics is such a great webstore, they have the best customer service and carry products I know I love!
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