Rox's Personal Style Guide meme!

Hey again! I didn't plan on posting this, I should be on to the Odaiba photos but Rox posted a really fun post yesterday so then I just had to do it too! What I am referring to is her "Personal Style Guide" post of course, in case the title didn't explain it already XD

Lately, though I am never dressing up anymore (which is really depressing actually, but I don't know when I will feel comfortable with myself again TT) I still like to keep up with fashion and keep it as one of my hobbies. As you can see from my gets posts and tumblr. And my taste is changing a bit, as it always does but rather than focusing on some style within gyaru, as I did with mode, I'm getting to be more "I like what I like"

So I thought doing Rox's style guide would make it easier to share what I like that trying to explain it. I like this sort of look but not that part of it, and sometimes I'm into that style... yeah pictures speak a thousand words XD

Color was the hardest for me to put together, I really generally gravitated towards black and white then throw in whatever colors strike me during the season. So right now I put in some pastels, and I imagine in the fall it will change to Jewel tone colors (which will be the A/W colors).

Pattern was easier, I always love vertical stripes! I wish it was easier to find items with vertical stripe print :/ Lace and polka dots are patterns I generally like. Fruit print and heart print are more trendy, but in the case of fruit print it's nostalgic as I loved it as a kid. I also included sheer fabric, even if it isn't a print haha. The last one is tattoo print, I like tattoo and other unique prints on tights!

I added this silhouette section to Rox's guide, as lately I feel it's important to focus on dressing for one's body type. In the past couple years I wore whatever I liked/felt was trendy even if it didn't suit my shape. Lucky for me the current silhouette trends are very flattering. I included skater dresses, high waist shorts, a tight skirt with loose top, skinny jeans with a long top (to cover the problem areas XD), collared shirts, dresses with long outers, shirts tied for waist detail and circle skirts.

Accessories is straight forward, these are just the items that stand out to me lately. I like accessories with a bit of whimsy to them apparently. I think accessories should have impact, as they really are what completes an outfit.

And I'd like to add another section to the style guide - Style Icons! Though I don't see my icons as people I want to copy every outfit from (some I would couldn't pull off any of their outfits haha) they are my icons because of the feeling/inspiration I get from them to put more into fashion expression.

As you will note, only a couple of them are gyaru. My taste is growing to include other styles, perhaps it could be called regression haha. I followed Zipper type style before I found gyaru^^


Amo models for Zipper, and though I couldn't wear many of her outfits, there are always elements to them that I love. And her hair is lovely too!

Chika and Chie (AKA Guri and Gura) inspire me most amongst the Ageha models. I like their personal outfits, which are very cute but have some cool elements too.

And who doesn't like Juria, she seems like a sensation right now. I admire her strong sense of personal taste, and her hair of course.

And wow, has Kyary blown up in such a short time! She just has that special something ^^ She has a lot of creativity when it comes to her stage/photo costumes, and confidence in her style too. I like her more casual personal outfits.

Maya Mori is my favorite model from Jelly for sure! Her makeup is done so nicely, and her outfits are simple but cool and cute at the same time. I always pick her shots as my favorites from Jelly haha.

And what style guide would this be if I didn't include Momoko Ogihara. She is always so inspiring, through every season she brings some trendy but fresh and cool. I will miss the fun autumn colors of last year, but her collection for this A/W looks so awesome^^

Hmmmm, overall my style is heading to a kinda girly place. I don't know how well girly things suit me, as I see myself as not cute enough to be girly. So I will try to balance girly fashion elements with cool ones so it doesn't get OTT. Oh, that is if I ever dress up again XD
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