Kawaii tour of Odaiba shopping malls!

Ok, please don't hate on me for the title XD I personally do not like how people throw the word kawaii around nowadays like "My boyfriend brought me flowers today, that's cho kawaii!". Yeah you know what means kawaii means, why you adding that randomly in there? Haha! But my aim was to let you know this is going to be pictures of cute Japanese items I found in Aquacity and Decks in Odaiba!

What I used to love doing in Japan is just taking photos of cute things, particularly things I'd love to have but can't spend the money on (which is alot dear let me tell you!) I haven't been doing a good job of it during my last few trips, but I gladly found I have a lot of cute snaps of this specific day :]

I was taken by this combination of items, some silly touristy clothing, hand soap,drier sheets and a Care Bear. I guess this most have been an import shop!

These photos were taken towards the end of June, just the right time to start picking out your yukata for matsuri season. These designs look very elegant, which I prefer, I like the far left one myself.

Some more Care Bears, this time some gashapon phone straps. I love gashapon so bad, it's really hard to resist especially when it's characters I love. Please not the "Only Japanese Yen!!" sign attached, I wonder what type of coins people were trying to shove in there haha!

Oh ho, one of my favorite stores (So glad we have one at the Mall of America again!!) it tides me over between Disney park trips which luckily occur several times a year haha.

Perhaps you have heard of these bears by now, but last year they hadn't been out very long - the UniBEARsity bears. Check out this great blog post if you want to learn their back story. They are darn cute, but sadly Japan exclusive for now.

Now some Rilakkuma gashapon! The theme of these is just way too cute, tiny fake bento with rilakkuma heads phone straps XDD

And more Rilakkuma goods, there are never enough Rilakkuma goods. I wish I could have that sparkly case at the front!

I'm pretty sure this was in Aquacity, they had a conbini inside! So while my friend was shopping, I was snapping up all the great chocolate snacks!

Uh oh, I found a Sanrio store! These cute coordinates are very eye catching, but I wonder who can wear this? Not me sadly TT I love the My Melody bag on the left mannequin.

I would literally buy all of this if I had the money, just make my whole life/house filled with character goods. It feels so nostalgic, like the days when I was an elementary student shopping at the Sanrio Gift Gate at Mall of America ~~

One of my favorite Sanrio characters - Pom Pom Purin! It was so great to see him #^^#

I'm not sure if this short type yukata has a different name, but dang if this isn't just the cutest one ever! Can you imagine going to a matsuri in this and watching fireworks over a river?

I saw these agejo shoes in a window display on the outside of a mall. I find them very cute to look at but I can't pull them off, how about you?

Wow, that was a lot of cuteness in one post. I bet you loved it, I did, I think it was one of my best posts in a loooooong while haha (not that there's much competition DX) I have 3 more great posts from Odaiba and I'm sure they will be interesting too. Thanks for checking out my pics!
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