Cat Plus kitties and Takoyaki Stadium - Odaiba fun!

Good evening everyone! I was going to put this post off another day, but I luckily pushed myself to do it. There won't be much time left to get things done before I head on a Vacation on Saturday. I wish I could say I'm excited, but I have a horrible thing to get through tomorrow so I can't even think about fun. It's orientation for a job at the most disgusting place I hate the most. I need to make money so I just gotta get through it TT

I guess it's better just to think about better times, like my trip to Japan last year haha! Today I want to introduce some more activities you can do in Odaiba!

The tiny breed pups that are so popular!

A little kitten for sale in Cat Plus

The cage setup was strange here, the cages were all inside this larger cage with one cat in a dress rooming freely

First off - Cat Plus! This is a cat store and cat cafe located within a larger pet store called Pet Plus. You can find it inside the AQUA CiTY shopping mall on the first floor. As usual you will find the typical over priced popular breed puppies and kitties. But there also a selection of pet goods as well as small gifts and toys with cat and dog themes.

Cat keychains for sale

Cat stationary

The cat cafe itself

The thing that sets Cat Plus apart from other pet shops is they have their own cat cafe right on site! I will say right now, I did not visit this cafe, but it is basically a glass walled room with some cats inside. Because of the glass walls passer-bys can see everything going on, and feel tempted to go in. Personally I wouldn't feel relaxed being in a fish bowl like that haha, but its a great chance to visit a cat cafe when you are on a tight schedule!

I don't have much business in pet shops, so I decided to combined this post and have some more content and be more interesting etc.

Moving on, another thing you can do in Odaiba is check out the Takoyaki Stadium to grab a snack! Head from AQUA CiTY over to Decks to find Takoyaki Stadium. When I visited it had just newly opened and it was fun for me to see something new in Odaiba (which I have been to many times).

A view of Takoyaki Stadium

 You can see the mascot here and some more of the room

Order your food at these ticket machines!

There's not much to do in Takoyaki Stadium besides eat some takoyaki, but the great thing is you certainly have your choice of takoyaki there. There are several stalls, each selling a few different types of takoyaki with various toppings and flavorings. The bad thing however it has a theme song, is played over and over and it just gets stuck right in your head DX

The types of takoyaki available from the stall we ordered from

Our takoyaki! You can even see a tentacle!

We sat outside while eating, it was nice!

Me and my friend decided on some takoyaki with mentaiko and mayo sauce. You have to use ticket machines to purchase the food in Takoyaki Stadium, and after we handed our ticket to the cook it took quite some time to actually get the food. In the end, I would say the traditional brown sauce on takoyaki is better. Mentaiko doesn't have enough contrast for me haha.
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