DIY | Elegant metal cat ear nekomimi headband!

Hello everyone, I'm back from New England and I've already had my first day at my terrible new job. I had planned to blog while on vacation but everyday I was out until 20:00 or so and by that time it's really easy to talk yourself out of blogging haha. I saw lots of interesting places like Salem, Boston and Cadillac Mountain, but I'm not sure if I will write about it here since this is mainly a Japan and fashion blog. Perhaps I will update my FB with the pics, gasp!

Anyhow, today I'm going to share a tutorial!

On my last review I was wearing a pair of metal cat ears I handmade and some people kindly expressed interest in seeing a tutorial for them. I was inspired to make these by the one*spo cat ears, but it's difficult to get one*spo items overseas so this is a great alternative for us^^ I chose to make them in silver as it will be the metal this A/W season.


. Epoxy (or any other heavy duty glue)
. 1 coil of thick silver wire
. 1 silver headband
. Pearl, beads, rhinestones etc for decoration

Lucky for me I already had pearls and rhinestones, actually they are my mom's rhinestones which she got when she worked at a costume shop and they are really high quality XD So totally I spent 6$ on this headband. The headband itself I purchased in the craft section of Walmart for 1$, it had a pink ribbon covering which I removed. I used Goo-Gone to get all the glue residue off.

Step 1: Cutting the wire
Cut two sections of wire to form the ears, make sure leave extra to attach them to the headband later. I used a wire cutter, but depending on the density of the wire you can probably cut through it with a scissors. Just shape a bit of the wire into an ear shape, hold it to your head to check the size/shape then snip it. Measure the second piece to the same size as the first.

Step 2: Decorating the ears
Now this is the most fussy step, and it's easy to gum things up if you get the epoxy on your fingers. First I arranged the pearls and rhinestones generally how I'd like them on the ears and began gluing. For the pearls I just put a drop of glue on the wire and pushed it up onto the glue. Rhinestones are harder as they need support until the epoxy sets otherwise they just slide off.

Also Epoxy dries in 5 minutes or so, so you have to work quick and just mix small amounts of it.

Step 3: Assembling
The last step is the actual attachment of the ears to the headband. I just simply wrapped the wire I left over when cutting it around the headband. As you can see in the photo (this is the back of the ears BTW), it's just a couple wraps around and I didn't secure it with glue but you can if you want more security. Now you can wear your new ears!

And here's a shot of the ears worn! What I like is the headband and attachments are not visible when worn so it looks a bit like the ears are really coming out of your head haha! I used to wear cat ears in high school (yeah I was that kind of weeaboo!) so I feel a bit nostalgic when I wear these. But this is the elegant grown-up version haha!

I hope you like them and try to make some yourself ^^/
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