Japanese Toys R Us girly photo spam!

Hey again! Wow blogging two days in a row, what is the occasion? Haha, well I'm going to try and blog everyday this week, but I can already tell its going to be hard. My work schedule is really dopey - some days I have free time, but those second shifts ruin the whole day T-T I have today off so I'm trying to get alot done, but even with free time I can't do it all DX

I'm getting near the end of the Odaiba posts, today's post comes from Odaiba but you can find Toys R Us in various locations all over Japan so I don't think it's really an important element which one I went to haha. But the one in Odaiba is convinient as it's just in the basement of AQUACiTY and you can pop in for a quick look while you're there.

There are some toy lines you can find in both American and Japanese TRUs (Toys R Us-es) but mostly everything besides signage, and fixtures is different! Probably some people are looking at me like a loon when I'm wandering around TRU obviously with no kid and snapping pics haha. But it's all for you, so I hope you like the pics XD

Some Sanrio drawstring bags, I'm not sure what kids use them for exactly haha

Precure blind box toys, I don't know anything about current magical girl anime but I know lots of other people like these series

 And a donut stacking game! Though its not the most involving game out there it looks super cute and maybe a fun party game haha

Licca-chan, Japan's answer to Barbie! Do you think Licca or Barbie is cuter? I'd say Barbie from the early 90s is cutest ^_~

Before this day I didn't even know Zoobles came from Japan, they're pretty popular here. But the packaging is totally different!

 A type of toy that is really popular lately are these make it yourself sweets. They are simple sweets that don't involve ovens and can be made with the easy tools included in the sets.

Mini donuts and tiny roll cake making sets!

I enjoy going to TRU in both Japan and America, I even worked at the local Toys R Us for a short time. If you like TRU at all, I don't recommend working there, you'll end up hating it haha! Especially those sweet making sets, I have to always resist the urge to get one. I mean I would totally go nuts eating the sweets and I wouldn't want to haul all the pieces back to the US XP

Too bad I don't have someone to go to Toys R US with me while I'm in Japan, I mean I usually drag my guy friend along, but it'd be nice to go with someone who wasn't bored/embarrassed by it haha.

A Precure magical item

 And they have a nice selection of super cute stickers as well, I guess as little kids like to use them in exchange diaries/notes etc

I wish I'd gotten those cat and monthly bear stickers!

How about this as a souvenir for a kid? Some play dough sushi? Just make sure they don't eat it XD

 Just liked how these two are looking at each other haha

Jewelpet and Tamagotchi plushies

Even though there are toys and cute characters in Japan all over the place, you can tell these ones at Toys R Us are really for very young girls. It's not easy to explain how Rilakkuma has adult appeal but Jewelpets does not to those not versed in Japanese culture. Japanese people just innately know which characters/toys they can enjoy at various stages in their lives haha!
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