Going to Japan in 22 days and not ready!

Good evening everyone! I guess today's post will just be some of my inner thoughts put out into cyberspace. I will include some of my old Japan photos to keep it slightly interesting however haha. I really am the type that thinks my opinion is unnecessary to blogging/the general public so I don't often feel any need to speak my mind. I think that has been a bit of a downfall for me as bloggers with strong opinions/personalities tend to be more liked.

Anyhow, I've talked about it a bit, but since I'm not a braggart I've not mentioned it often - I am finally going back to Japan again!

Some giant takoyaki in Ueno

Shinjuku illuminations

It's been over a year now, the longest time I have gone without a trip to Japan since 2008. Gone are the times when I traveled there 3-4 times a year haha! I think that is one of the contributing factors in my bad mood this year, without school and trips I had no real thing to look forward to. I was set adrift and I really let all the things I care about go.

However, in this year of not traveling to Japan I began to realize Japan is a complicated emotion. When I was a teenager I was one of those foaming at the mouth weeaboos that thought going to Japan would solve all my problems - Japan the miracle magic land of anime and jrockers bathed in eternal neon lights and exoticism!

During seijin no hi

Visiting Kamakura

Frankly my delusional of Japan was cleared up the very moment I arrive there firstly in 2007! But I continued to travel there because I enjoy the pop culture and shopping.

In Shibuya

Now my fashion taste is changing, becoming less gyaru and adding some facets of street fashion as I liked before. I also really enjoy thrifting. Throw the terrible exchange rate in there and shopping in Japan isn't the "must do" thing it was. I've been everywhere in Tokyo that I can think of. Many of my friends have left there.

I'm planning to move to Tokyo in January, what will my future be, what will I do there??

Nyanpire UFO catcher

Getting back to the title, besides being unsure about how to spend my time in Japan, I am not ready to go there at all! My spending money is non-existant, I don't even want to explain why T___T and I cannot control my weight. I want to lose 15lb before I go there because being self conscious of myself the whole time is not relaxing. 15lb in 3 weeks, who am I kidding at this point?!

The reason I am writing this thing is not to complain, no! I am very excited to do something with my life finally this year, I want to travel, when I look at these old photos I feel nostalgic and miss those fun times!  Alot has changed in me since my first trip to Japan, I hope I can find new reasons to enjoy Japan, especially as I plan to live there.

And as a final note!
Please meet up with me in Tokyo! 
I will be there from September 11 to October 15! Like I said there's not much I plan to do in Tokyo, so I would love to meet some people and have a fun time XD
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