What's in my bag Travel Edition

Hi there everyone! I haven't blogged as much as I hoped, and time has run out on me making it so I can't post some things I really wanted to write about T_T One thing I was excited to share was all the accessories and jewelry I have been making over the past few weeks, but I had to pack them all up before being able to photograph them! Well, I will be showing them in some coordinates later hopefully XD

Today I thought a fun idea would be to share the clothing I am bringing to Japan. I am going there for slightly over a month, however my goal is always just to have one suitcase. I have used 2 suitcases in the past but its just hard for me handle. And one less bag is one less bag the airport handlers can destroy...

It's hard fitting in shoes, makeup, jewelry, wigs, bags, toiletries, and all the things needed in daily life into one bag. So one of my goals was to bring a smaller amount of clothing, but each item having more coordination options.

After I saw these photos all together I thought "My clothing isn't as cute and exciting as I thought!" T__T I mean I expected more impact! Well hopefully when everything's put together with accessories, jewelry and legwear it will look cool.

I don't really have spending money, I have a very tiny budget for clothing thanks to the exchange rate :[ I plan to get some amazing accessories to round out my collection, and I'd really like 1 or 2 great tops as well. They have to unique, purple, pink or monotone. I prefer a simple bold graphic or print. Does anyone have a brand or item recommendation??

Since I couldn't share all my crafts and DIY, I will just post a couple I do have photos of already. I have made eyeball hair ribbons, skeleton hand hair clips and necklace, devil horns and a flower crown. I guess you'll see them later haha.

I've made a big cross necklace to match these earrings as well XD

So! Let me know what clothing you would buy in Japan, or what you'd recommend!
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