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Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted, but I have arrived here in Tokyo safely once more. Safe to say its horrible hot again, I'm already getting a heat rash on my face! And I'm just staying indoors everyday, what would happen if I ventured outside in the sun? DX As it is I am just laying here sweating into the sofa, my laptop and making pools of sweat on the coffee table with my legs... The forecast says it will become a decent temperature in a couple weeks, I hope I can make it till then!

Well, that's a brief catchup but the main point of this post is to show you some new circle lenses! I took these pictures a couple weeks ago, but I couldn't post till now. If you remember, I review the blue version of these lenses here!

I hope you will enjoy the green colorway as well!

 Items sent by Shoppinholics.com

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 15mm
Water Content : 55%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

I was really delighted when Shoppingholics.com sent me several colorways of this lens, and it has been interesting so far to see what differences the color makes to the lens. The blue color was generally received by people as being very bold and a dress up type lens. So I expected the green to be the same, but I found it to be a bit more natural than it's primary color counterpart haha.

 One lens, no flash

One lens, flash

Both lenses, flash

Though the color is a very true emerald green, it seems more likely to occur in nature haha. Furthermore it blends with my light eyes better, the color doesn't stand out so opaquely as the blue lenses. Under flash the color really stands out, but in natural light they appear more dark and less vibrant.

As you would expect with 15mm lenses, these have a lot of enlargement, there is no mistaking your irises look larger and very dolly. I appreciate that the enlargement is not created just with a dark outer ring, though the pattern is bold, the amount of black in the design is balanced well. The black at the inner ring would blend very nicely with dark eyes.

Now I did experience lens wondering with these, specifically the right lens didn't point inwards in the same way as the left. I am a stickler for symmetry so these are ones I will have to stay on top of, checking the mirror often just in case. However they are really comfortable so it's not easy to tell when they move around haha.

The water content, 55% is quite high and its quite easy to tell when you wear them, they don't dry the eye as much as some other lenses do. They were easy to get in and out, and generally were just nice to wear! I think these ones could be more easily worn in the day time than the blues, but they are great if you want big pigmented dolly eyes.

Quick Review:
Enlargement: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★★
Color: ★★★★

I think I enjoyed the green color of this series most so far, it made my eyes a bit darker and greener without being as bold to me. I have the grey and pink colorways of these lenses still to review, I'm really curious as to how those will look, especially the pink as I know grey always looks good on both light and dark eyes hehe^^

 Recognize this pic? XD

With my phone's camera

I want to state once more how completely satisfied and how much I enjoy transactions with Shoppingholics.com! Their service is top-notch, above and beyond, they try really hard to consider the tastes of their customers and it shows. Take a look around Shoppingholics.com for these lenses, hundreds more and all the greatest beauty products!

Please check out Shoppingholics.com! I would never shop anywhere else XD
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