1st day (outside) in Tokyo - Nakameguro and Pizza De ISA

Hey friends! No matter how much time I let go between my posts I always come back to update once in awhile! I took a long time editing photos today, and I could only get through 1 day's worth DX Well atleast I only have 3 days of photos so far since I have been staying in alot. It's hot, and I don't mind taking it easy and just "living" in Tokyo for a bit haha. Luckily on the weekends my friend takes me lots of great places and it really lifts my spirits^^

I think it's time to start blogging about this trip to Japan - Japan Trip 9! So I will introduce a little of what I did on the first day, but alot happened so I can't fit it all in one post haha! If I edit photos and blog everyday I might be able to keep up XD

Reading manga to past the travel time

So on 9/15/2012, the first day I ventured out in Tokyo 4 days after my arrival, my friend decided to take me to Nakameguro. His reasoning was two-fold; to see where he works and to eat a famous pizza joint! How can I say no to either?! I love pizza, and I'd also never been to Nakameguro during all these many trips to Tokyo so it sounded great to me.

On our way to the pizza place, heading down the main street in Nakameguro, I came across these little kids carrying a small mikoshi! And the drummer for them even posed for my camera. I felt I was really experiencing something special and what others dream of seeing.

You can spot Da ISA by it's big yellow awning

The interior, you get cozy with your neighbors haha

I wish I was eating it right now...

We rushed to make it in time for the lunch time at Pizzeria e trattoria De ISA, but the lunch prices had already ended at 2 when we arrived which is rather early in Japan as far as I've seen. But the owner of this pizzeria has a reputation for being capricious (closing early, taking siestas etc) so it wasn't surprising. But he has also won many awards and his pizzeria is top rated so he can get away with it I guess haha!

Though we couldn't get the cheap price the pizza was still totally worth it. I love Italian style pizza, I come from the land of every type of pizza but Italian style is so great. We just shared one margarita pizza, though most everyone else had one pizza for themselves (plus starters) but this was good for my diet. If you get the chance, or are craving authentic pizza in Tokyo make sure to go here!

These butt seats were getting alot of attention as you may imagine

Cactus outside a tex mex type restaurant

As these are cherry trees it's very beautiful here in spring apparently

 A plant shop growing some moss outside

After that we headed off the main street and walked in the neighborhood a bit, I caught some glimpses of the great little zakka, floral and vintage shops, as well as lots of nice little salons and restaurants. I could certainly tell why Nakameguro is considered hip! And it's a place you should spend several hours exploring!

Snacks with Halloween seasonal flavors!

I have to say besides eating one of my favorite parts was heading into a nice super market to steal some AC and coming across their small Halloween display! I think it's becoming more and more obvious what a nerd I am for Halloween (though I can't say if Halloween or Christmas is my fave). But overall I just loved the atmosphere, and getting out and about again. I really felt lucky I could come here again!

I hope everyone will look forward to my next post about this trip. I will be posting coordinates too, gasp! But I will group them together haha.
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