Relaxing space and a matsuri close to home

Hello again! Oh wow, I really am blogging again, it feel so odd *o* But I've been being good and editing photos everyday as I told myself to do, so blogging is easier when you feel like there is less hanging over your head. I am almost caught up with my photos already, but hopefully I'll be going out shopping in Harajuku tomorrow so I can stock back up on pics. My tiny money is burning a teeny hole in my pocket so I gotta get out there!

But today's post is more about here - Ichinoe! The place in Tokyo I have been calling a home away from home for over 2 years now. Yep I have been staying in my friend's apartment here in Ichinoe since Japan Trip 4, and it creates a curious feeling. Like this is partly my home, or my home away from home. I've had people get jealous/angry at me when I say I'm living in this apartment, but at the same time I'm not really vacationing here either.

On the way back from Nakameguro I spotted Mila!

 You can see Higashi-Ojima values its greenry by this interesting display in the station

You can find yourself in a park just yards out of the station.

Ichinoe is a very residential area, there aren't any shops aside from the super market, book store and a bakery around the station and the surrounding stations are very much the same. But one nearby stop - Higashi-Ojima has some nice perks that make it more attractive as a living place especially for families. My friend brought me there after our stop at Nakameguro on 9-15!

You can easily go from building to building through this plaza

The Arakawa river and Funabori Tower in the distance

Higashi-Ojima is noteable from the other cities in Edogawa-ku for it's many highrise apartment buildings, many of which are quite new looking. These highrises surround a tiled plaza that makes a great place for children to play. But better yet there are several parks around the apartment and a nice walking trail around the Arakawa river which flows nearby.

An old water gate

Nice walkways and green space

When I saw the atmosphere of Higashi-ojima I felt "This is quite nice!" Living in the suburbs in Minnesota most of the time I am used to lots of grass, trees and a clean feeling. Cleanliness is generally lost in the cement encrusted Tokyo with no place for dirt to go. I thought it would be quite nice to be able to see some green from your window in Tokyo!

 I found these cute Disney milk drinks at our super market!

After our stop in Higashi-ojima we got back on the train and took the few stops back to Ichinoe, and shopped at our supermarket for dinner. (My friend always makes the most healthy and thoughtful dinners for me #T-T#) And on the way back to the apartment, we found a small matsuri and took a look though we had some heavy bags.

It was a bit early still so noone was dancing and there were few stalls, but it was very festive and everyone seemed to be excited. I feel this sort of thing is the great perk of "living" in an apartment as opposed to staying in a hotel or even guesthouse. I'm just deep in some residential area and happen upon interesting things now and again!

Oh and BTW here's the first thing I bought in Japan - some lower lashes! Honey Eye by Diamond Lash, I also picked up this DollyWink booklet (plus a few more to giveaway later!) I have only bought a Kera Magazine besides so far so I am doing very well^^

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