Coordinates Collection #1: 9-15 to 9-20-12

Good evening everyone! Well I supposed it's morning for the people back home XD Sadly I just didn't feel like blogging yesterday, I was tired out and in a kinda crabby mood because I was disapointed by the day. I couldn't find any of the specific clothes I want to buy, even tried in Harajuku and Shinjuku. On top of that I was super self conscious so I couldn't relax and have fun T__T

Well tomorrow is Saturday, I'm going to go some fun and interesting places and forget about my awkwardness haha! I want to start dressing more like I used to sometimes so I have to just get some guts!

So since I want to start dressing up again, I'm starting to build up to it by trying some casual outfits. I have very nice casual and work wear wardrobes now, and since my purge of my gyaru clothing I need to build my dressy wardrobe again. I know just what to do so no problem ^_~

9-15-12 coordinate 
flower crown: Handmade // top: Forever21 // skirt: Alloy

9-16-20 Coordinate 
skeleton hands: Handmade // top: Forever21 // skirt: Handmade

And a self shot in the train, need some lenses but love the hair style XD

9-17-12 Coordinate
ribbons: Handmade // top: Thrifted // skirt: Zara

9-20-12 Coordinate
bowtie: Handmade // devil horns: Handmade // top: Forever21 // skirt: Handmade

Another self shot, at the end of the day when my wig was a bit messy haha

9-16 and 9-20 were the days I felt I was getting close to the style I have in my mind, but I can't fully execute because of the heat. I'd rather look less finished than sweat more due to accessories and leg wear clinging to me. 9-15 was a cool outfit and I felt confident because it was just stylish enough to look dressed up but not stand out-ish.

I'm glad I atleast put on some presentable clothes and photographed myself, but I can see I got rusty this past year of doing nothing for fashion. I'll keep working for sure and soon I hope everyone will be happy to see my coordinates again #^^#
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