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Good morning everyone! Today it's a grey and gloomy day in Tokyo, it's raining alot so I have some spare time indoors! Why not put it to good use and get a new review written up! A lot of people have given my compliments on my eye makeup and eyelashes recently, so it makes me really happy that I can share a review about one of the products I love to use to day!

Awhile ago Shoppingholics.com very kindly sent me some eyelashes along with the lenses to review, I think it's really great of them to do so as there are many circle lens reviews, but not so many reviews for eyelashes. And many more people are using eyelashes now, not just gyaru. Lolita, street, fairy, guro-kawa, dolly-kei etc all use some eyelashes!

These particular eyelashes were designed/backed by gyaru model Tenchimu, her line includes no. 701 and no. 702 as well. But I am so glad I got to review the no.703 Pure type because the design is just perfect in my opinion!

The shape of the eyelashes features some distinct bunches of eyelashes through the main body, with a small fan of lashes at the outer corner. This fanning makes the outside of the eye more bold and beautiful, it compliments a round shaped eye well by adding volume on the outer edge. This type of shape is also often used in more adult makeups as it has a cute elegance.

Natural Light


I found these lashes to be very easy to apply. They have a thin clear plastic band so they are very flexible and easy to contour to your eyelid. However, because the band is thin make sure not to pinch it with your finger nails. I did so on the left eyelash, but luckily with a bit of doing I got the kink out. So they are resilient as well!

As you can see from the photo with flash that there is some shininess to them under bright light, though I can't think of many circumstances when you'd be in light as bright as my flash, but it's worth noting. You can see in the natural light they appear quite matte. I don't really regard these as shiney or plastic-y eyelashes at all, I hope the flash photo doesn't make you think they are either.

 Natural light


 I've been wearing these lashes quite often, I would say they have become my primary lashes XD They are just easy to handle and the design suits a wide variety of looks and styles! I'm really pleased with them overall, they are soft, flexible with a nice big shape that doesn't make me look like I'm wearing drag lashes haha. I do recommend this style highly, I can't find a disappointing point in them! So, I give them:


If you would like to purchase these or any other Eyemazing lashes, and eyelash brands make sure to head over to Shoppingholics.com! They have a wonderful selection of the most popular brands, and styles that gyaru love to use. Their service and shipping speed are perfect, so you can't really ask for a better webshop!

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